ANP/M51 Gas Mask (French/Belgium)

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The ANP M51 was a post war gas mask for Belgian armed forces, and turned out to be a lot more wildly dependable than initially thought, as the design saw use from 1951 until the mid to late 1990s! This is an incredibly long life for a respirator, with most countries drifting through designs until they find perfection. It seems that here, they need not bother!

These masks range in sizes, from small to large. They're indicated b Roman Numerals on the outer chin;

III - 3, Small

II - 2, Medium (will fit 80% of users)

I - 1, Large

The harness is thick and durable, and will hold its place and position once adjusted forever, meaning you will never have to tighten it in an emergency! The lower two straps hook on to the mask to allow swift and easy sealing.

The lenses are a double layered polycarbonate style plastic, which aids in preventing fogging. The Soviets figured this out far too late, with outserts available in the 1980s to create a pocket of air to prevent buildup and affect vision. Here, they are built in! On top of this, the ANP M51 features Tissot Tubes, which bring your filtered air inwards onto the lenses, even further preventing fogging and outright removing any so far accumulated The front facing exhale is covered with a durable metal grate, which can be threaded off to clear or replace the exhale valve, if you ever even need to, for the inside has a grill over the exhale to prevent debris or vomit entering the exhale system For when it isn't worn, it also features a neck strap for the mask to hang close to your person in case of an emergency


Customer Reviews

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Willem Roelandts
Far from decent condition

The description mentions the items being in decent condition and only requiring cleaning, however this is far from what I received. Almost all of the straps were torn off, with only the two main straps being in tact, the top and bottom straps were completely torn off with virtually no way of fixing it to actually be functional, likewise the lanyard strap was also torn off. Additionally rubber was quite damaged around the edge of the mask in general. Don’t know if I got a lemon, but it’s definitely not as advertised.

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